Launching January 2015!

Online Classes and Services

Dreams I

Intro to dreams from a Jungian perspective


  • Jung on dreams
  • unconscious compensation
  • dream journaling
  • four week course
  • begins 01/19/15

The Stone

Active Imagination Advanced Seminar


  • active imagination
  • alchemical readings
  • weekly webinar
  • one to one consults
  • four week course
  • limited enrollment
  • begins 02/16/15


for artists, musicians, and actors


  • individualized plan
  • focus on process
  • one to one consults
  • weekly skype sessions
  • follow up emails
  • four weeks of service
  • limited enrollment

Dreams II

More on dreams from a Jungian perspective


  • dream analysis
  • association & amplification
  • roll of dreamer
  • four week course
  • begins 03/16/15

the philosphers stone

The Stone

Course begins 2/16/15

The journey with The Philosopher’s Stone…




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Creative Advising

Ongoing – Limited slots available!

Dreams I

Course begins 1/19/15

This course is designed to provide an introduction to dreamwork.





Dreams II

Course begins 3/16/15

And intermediate course deepening the understanding gained in Dreams I





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About the AG

This online learning platform builds upon over two decades of experience in education, partnering with artists and individuals committed to their individuation journeys, and working with emerging opportunities  present in web based technology.

From its inception The Archetypal Garage has been crafted as a niche platform.  The sign over the entryway reads “Maximum occupancy = 100.”


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